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PREM-GO IV-* flameproof distribution field is dedicated for electrical energy distribution in alternating current grids with rated frequency of 50 Hz and operating voltage 6 kV. Primarily in underground mining plants.


PREM-GO IV-* flameproof distribution field is designed for methane-free and methane areas, mining headings classified under methane explosion and coal dust explosion hazard categories.
Equipment will automatically trip-off in case if allowed methane gas concentration will be exceeded.

General characteristics

Flameproof distribution field, PREM-GO IV-* is a field full compartmental in a metal flameproof enclosure, whose components are located in separate compartments of reduced metal partitions. The field is fully assembled with the exception of external connections.
The introduction of cable / wire to the inside of the cover is done by certified busbars and cable entries. Flameproof enclosure "d" provides protection against dust and water to IP 54. Flameproof distribution field PREM-GO IV-* can be configured depending on the type of equipment used, switches the main circuit.
The autonomous version predisposes the flameproof distribution field for installation in the one or multi-section distribution systems.
In order to realize the multifield and sectional distributor the following distribution field versions are foreseen: incoming, outgoing, coupling versions and on-load switch.


  • compact panel size and small dimensions,
  • operational safety through the elimination of switching faults by mechanical interlocking system, between the lower earth switch and withdrawable part,
  • operation surety provided by reliable vacuum or SF6 switching devices,
  • fiber optic sensor arc in each compartment field,
  • motorized drive of the withdrawable part (option),
  • insulation shutters automatically separates the fixed contact while the withdrawable part is being retracted to the test position,full visua
  • lization of monitoring the operating and emergency conditions, including the possibility to measure, record and review events,
  • possibility of control by the supervision system,
  • outgoing control circuits outside the switchgear by central-locking leakage protection,
  • insulation resistance control medium voltage cables in the outgoing fields by locking leakage protection,
  • casing compartments are mounted on hinges to facilitate opening and closing,
  • industrial electroheat in casings field,
  • easy and convenient access into the compartments,
  • variety of modern protective relays application for example MUPASZ 710 (MUPASZ 710 plus) or multiMUZ-3.

Front view and cross-section of the incoming panel

Front of the cubicleRear of the cubicle Right side of the cubicle

  1. busbar
  2. busbar spout insulator
  3. contact of the tulip joint
  4. withdrawable part
  5. motor-drive mechanism (option)
  6. insulating moving shuteters
  7. current transformer
  8. voltage transformers
  9. auxiliary transformer
  10. earth-fault transformer
  11. upper earthing switch
  12. lower earthing switch
  13. drive socket upper earthing switch
  14. drive socket lower earthing switch
  15. withdrawable part operating mechanism
  16. end cap of cable entries
  17. high voltage indicator
  18. high voltage indicator
  19. fuses
  20. surge arrester
  21. bus connection cable
  22. optical fiber
  23. inspection holes
  24. busbar compartment casing
  25. rear casing connection compartment
  26. front casing connection compartment
  27. casing compartment withdrawable part
  28. auxiliary compartment casing
  29. control buttons
  30. busbar
  31. cable entries

Technical data

Type of the switchgear PREM-GO IV-*
Rated voltage kV  7,2
Power frequency withstand voltage kV  20
Lightning impulse withstand voltage kV  60
Rated current:   
witch a circuit breaker
witch a contactor
short-time withstand current
peak withstand current
up to 850
up to 400
up to 25/1
up to 63
Internal arc withstand current kA/s 25/0,3
Rated frequency Hz 50 
Degree of protection   IP 54
WE type test certificate   TEST 15 ATEX 0015X
Explosion proof design marking   I M2(M1) Ex d [ia op is Ma] I Mb
I M2(M1) Ex d [ia Ma] I Mb
Dimensions of cubicles:    
width [A]
height [B]
depth [C]
Internal Arc Classification   BFLR
Loss of Service Continuity Classification   LSC2B
Compliance with standards   PN-EN 60079-0, PN-EN 60079-1, PN-EN 60079-11, PN-EN 60079-28

Exemplary schematic diagrams

Product card in pdf formatSwitchgears for mining industry PREM-GO IV-* series plik.pdf

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