Switchgears for mining industry PREM-GJm series

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Distribution of three - phase alternating current electrical energy with nominal frequency 50 Hz and nominal voltage up to 12 kV.


  • in MV networks for industrial factories as subdistribution switchgears,
  • in hard environmental conditions (IP 54), especially in underground cable networks in coal and copper mines and in other branches of industry, where the level of dustiness, humidity, high temperature etc. is very high,
  • in low mining pits, in underground mines in mining pits with high degree of explosion hazard, high degree of methane explosion hazard and the degree of coal dust explosion hazard is A,
  • as a set of closing cubicles,
  • for power supply for 6 kV motors, e.g. for conveyor belt motor,
  • in retrofitted mining networks as a replacement for exploited switchgears type RSK-6.

General characteristics

  • indoor, air insulated, draw-out switchgear,
  • metal enclosure providing degree of enclosure protection
  • IP 54 and mechanical strength degree IK 10,
  • stationary, free-standing,
  • internal arc resistant,
  • internal decompression of arcing gases,
  • compartments separated by metallic partitions (metal-clad),
  • single busbar system,
  • self-contained or external source of feeding auxiliary circuits,
  • motor-drive mechanism of operating the switch disconector,
  • available in various alternatives, depending on the equipment used in main and auxiliary circuits, provided with vacuum or SF6 insulated switching devices.


  • total safety for personnel even in case of violation of operation rules,
  • total safety for personnel even in case of violation of operation rules,
  • internal decompression increasing safety for operating personnel and equipment,
  • operation reliability provided by suitable switching devices and modern digital protection units,
  • possibility of cooperating with a digital system for visualization of operating and emergency conditions, remote surveillance and control of power equipment and systems,
  • small overall dimensions and compact design of switchgear,
  • minimum maintenance resulting in short work stoppage,
  • professional service provided by the manufacturer,
  • automatic access lock that prevents from malfunctioning during opening and closing the disconnector and earthing switch,
  • access to earthing switch drive socket blocked by electromagnetic bolt from the voltage state on the cable,
  • safe and comfortable operating due to mimic diagrams and indicators of the inside connectors position on elevation.

Front views and cross-sections cubicles of PREM-GJm switchgears

Front view and cross-section cubicles with swith disconnectorFront view and cross-section cubicles with swith disconnector Cross-sections cubicle with circuit breaker Cross-sections cubicle with contactor

Minimal dimensions of switchgear room

  1. busbars
  2. contact of the tulip joint
  3. disconnector with or without fuse
  4. switch-disconnector
  5. circuit breakerk
  6. contactor
  7. fuse
  8. voltage transformer or transformer
  9. fuse insert
  10. current transformer
  11. reactance insulator
  12. earth-fault transformer
  13. earthing contact
  14. foundation frame
  15. busbar bushing

Technical data

Type of the switchgear PREM-GJm
Rated voltage kV  7,2 / 12
Power frequency withstand voltage kV  20 / 28
Lightning impulse withstand voltage kV  60
Rated current:   
short-time withstand current
peak withstand current
up to 630
up to 16/1
up to 40
Internal arc withstand current kA/s 16/0,15
Rated frequency Hz 50 
Degree of protection   IP 54
Mechanical strength degree   IK 10
Dimensions of cubicles:    
width [A]
height [B]
depth [C]
Internal Arc Classification   AFLR
Loss of Service Continuity Classification   LSC2A 
Compliance with standards   PN-EN 62271-200; PN-EN 62271; PN-EN 60529; PN-G-50003

Exemplary schematic diagrams

Product card in pdf formatSwitchgears for mining industry PREM-GJm series plik .pdf

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