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General characteristics

The operator’s cabin is a modern device designed to control drives of equipment operating in open pit mines. It is also used in other industries for comfortable operator work.
Cabin covers are made of thin-walled steel profiles and galvanised steel sheets. They are bolted from inside, which makes it difficult for unauthorized persons to access the cabin. The individual components are powder painted. Aluminium joinery is equipped with thermal separator, walls, roof and floor are padded with mineral wool. The interior is finished with pressed sheet metal panels. The seals are mede of sillicone. Double layered roof can be used. Elastomer vibration damping pads are fixed to the suport frame. The cabin can be equipped with tilt-and-turn window. At the customer’s request, the glazing can be made with an integrated glass with an outer layer of tinted glass. The cabin doors open outside. The interior installations of the cabins are laid under the internal panelling. An air conditioning system can be installed. The equipment installed in the cabin fulfill the requirements of standards and have certificates for full type tests. The operator cabines are designated for moderate climates. Cabins with different dimensions can be made after consultation with the manufacturer.

Kabina operatora KO-1Kabina operatora KO-2

Technical data

  KO-1 KO-2
Rated voltage of electrical circuits:


width [a]
depth [b]
height at the front [c]
height at the rear [d]
roof depth [e]



Degree of protection   IP 55
Covers sound proofing degree db 28 or 30
Thermal withstand of covers insulations °C 1000
Heat loss factor W/m2K 0,55
Weight kg 530÷800 to 2500
The producer also manufactures cabins with different dimensions depending on customer's needs

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