MV switchgear type OPTIMA-24


 Distribution of three - phase alternating current electrical energy with nominal frequency 50 Hz and nominal voltage up to 25 kV.


  • in electricity distribution networks and industrial plants,
  • in secondary distribution,
  • in industrial plants,
  • in unmanned distribution substations.

General characteristics

  • indoor drawout switchgear, gas insulated SF6,
  • free standing or wall mounted,
  • metal - clad, with metallic partitions and a single system of busbars in the solid insulation,
  • fit for computer aided system of supervision and control,
  • equipped with the system of quick breaking of arc fault,
  • panels fulfill the requirements of standards in arc protection inside the enclosure,
  • mechanical interlocks of switching devices,
  • gas tank made of stainless steel,
  • pressure gas indicator in each cubicle,
  • pressure rapture disk directing the gases to the relief duct compartment.


  •  small overall dimensions,
  • convenient switching operations with closed door,
  • guarantee of proper switching operation owing to the system of interlocks eliminating faults,
  • safety for the operating staff,
  • possibility of carrying out repair and maintenance works within the unit without a need to de-energise the busbars of the switchgear,
  • high voltage indication in each panel,
  • convenient access to connect cables and apparatus,
  • minimal inspection and maintenance requirements,
  • environment friendly production and operation,
  • producer's professional service,
  • perfect quality finish (painted or galvanized),
  • reliability,
  • easy extension,
  • position indicators of switch,
  • LSC2B classification.

Front view and cross section of the OPTIMA-24

Front view and cross section of the OPTIMA-24 cubicles with disconnectorFront view and cross section of the OPTIMA-24 cubicles with disconnector Front view and cross section of the OPTIMA-24 cubicles with circuit breakerFront view and cross section of the OPTIMA-24 cubicles with circuit breaker

  1. busbars
  2. operating mechanism for circuit breaker
  3. three-position disconnector
  4. current transformers
  5. drive two - position disconnector
  6. pressure relief flap
  7. separable connector
  8. two-position disconnector
  9. voltage transformers
  10. earthing busbar
  11. pressure rapture disk
  12. gas leading guide
  13. gauge
  14. multifunction protection relay
  15. enclosure busbar compartment
  16. vacuum interrupter of circuit breaker
  17. operating mechanism for three-position switch

Technical data

Type of the switchgear OPTIMA 24
Rated voltage kV up to 25
Power frequency withstand voltage kV up to 50
Lightning impulse withstand voltage kV up to 125
Rated current:   
normal of main busbars
cubicle with circuit breaker
short-time withstand current
peak withstand current
up to 2500
up to 2000
up to 25/3
up to 63
Internal arc withstand current   up to 25/1
Rated frequency   50
Degree of enclosure protection   IP 4X
Degree of reservoir protection   IP 67
Dimensions of cubicles:    
width [A]
height [B]
depth [C]
600, 900
1300, 1425
Internal Arc Classification   AFLR
Loss of Service Continuity Classification   LSC2B
Compliance with standards   PN-EN 62271-200; PN-EN 62271-1, PN-EN 62271-102, PN-EN 60529

1) Other execution after consultation with the manufacturer

Exemplary schematic diagrams

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