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Distribution of three - phase alternating current electrical energy with nominal frequency 50 Hz and nominal voltage 12; 17,5 kV.


  • in electricity distribution networks and industrial plants,
  • in secondary distribution,
  • In industrial plants,
  • in unmanned distribution substations and distribution - transformer transportable stations,
  • in mines.

General characteristics

Metal-enclosed switchgear, IP 4X or IP 54:

  • air insulated,
  • with three functional compartments,
  • wall-mounted,
  • with single busbar system,
  • cubicles fulfil the requirements of standards for protection against arcing due to internal fault,
  • manufactured in computer controlled machining centers.


  • new standard of MV switchgear o owing to modern technological solutions,
  • wing to modern technological solutions,
  • small overall dimensions,
  • lower price than in case of four-compartment assembly,
  • the design switchgear provides safety by performing connecting processes only with closed doors,
  • system of interlocks prevents switching mistakes,
  • safety for personnel,
  • possibility of carrying out repair and maintenance works within the unit without a need to de-energise the bus bars of the switchgear,
  • full visualization of operational and emergency states,
  • long life, minimal inspection and maintenance requirements,
  • environment-friendly production,
  • manufacturer's professional service,
  • high quality paint and galvanized coating.

Measuring cubicle (example)Cubicle with a switch-disconnetor (example)Coupling panels (example)Cubicle with a circuit-breaker (example)

1. Low voltage channel (option)
2. Busbar bushing
3. Bushing with contacts
4. Busbars
5. Withdrawable part
6. Metallic shutter
9. Pressure relief flaps
10. Current transformers
11. Voltage transformers
12. Earth fault transformer
13. Earthing switch
14. Swith-disconnector
15. Protection equipment relay system
16. Plexiglass plate
17. Transformer
limit switch
optic sensor

Technical data

Type of the switchgear D-12PT D-17PT
Rated voltage kV  12 17,5 
Power frequency withstand voltage kV  28 / 421)  38/421)
Lightning impulse withstand voltage kV  75 95 
Rated current:    
short-time withstand current
peak withstand current
up to 1600
up to 25/3
up to 63
Internal arc withstand current kA/s up to 25/1
Rated frequency Hz 50  
Degree of protection     IP 4X / IP 54
Dimensions of cubicles:    
width [A]
height [B]
depth [C]
600 ÷ 1000
Internal Arc Classification     AFLR
Partition class     PM
Loss of Service Continuity Classification     LSC2A
Compliance with standards     PN-EN 62271-200; PN-EN 62271-1, GOST 14693-90, GOST 15163-96
1) According to GOST

Exemplary schematic diagrams

Product card in pdf formatDrawout switchgears D-...PT series plik .pdf

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