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ELEKTROBUDOWA SA with a huge experience in MV switchgears manufacturing offers a miniature two-level metal-clad switchgear D-12-2P with air insulation and rated continuous current up to 3150A which is dedicated for energy distribution in AC networks at rated voltage up to 12 kV.


  • in electricity distribution networks and industrial plants,
  • in secondary distribution,
  • in industrial plants.

General characteristics

D-12-2P is indoor free-standing metal-clad switchgear which is built with separated cubicles connected by busbar systems. Incoming cubicles with busbar system up to 3150 A are connected with busbar systems of outgoings by connecting box between cubicles. Outgoings to 1600 A are placed in two levels one above another. The switchgear is equipped with interlocks required by standards and additional ones. System of fast arc detecting and switching can be applied. The switchgear includes incoming cubicles D-12P type and LV cubicles NGW R type equipped with control and protecting devices for outgoing cubicles. Following version can be manufactured standard version with manual drive.
Works seamlessly with any digital control system. Auxiliary circuits compartment can be extend by additional control cubicle installed beyond the switchgear.


  • metal-clad switchgear with rated voltage up to 12 kV,
  • small overall dimensions,
  • compact design,
  • very high parameters of current:
    • rated continuous current of busbar system to 3150 A,
    • short-circuit strength 31,5 kA at 3 seconds,
    • arc resistance 31,5 kA at 1 second,
  • minimalizing cost of investment by decreasing necessary size of a building,
  • connecting operations performed with doors closed with IP 4X or IP 41,
  • easy operating,
  • high level of security for people close to the switchgear provided by internal decompression system in which gas arised form possible arc fault is pushed into gas box and then up outside,
  • maintenance works inside a cubicle can be performed without de-energizing the switchgear,
  • easy changing the position of withdrawable units at both levels,
  • short time of replacement the circuit breakers/contactors,
  • easy access to cables and devices,
  • voltage indicators in each cubicle,
  • environment friendly production and operation,
  • professional manufacturer's service.

Cross section of D-12-2P two-level switchgear

  1. auxiliary circuits
  2. busbar bushing
  3. bushing with contacts
  4. busbars
  5. withdrawable part
  6. metallic shutters
  7. inspection cover
  8. earthing switch
  9. pressure relief flaps
  10. current transformers
  11. earth fault transformer

Designations for the bottom level by analogy as for the upper level.

  1. Auxiliary circuits compartment
  2. Busbar compartment
  3. Cable compartment
  4. Withdrawable part compartment
  5. Decompression compartment

Technical data

Type of the switchgear D-12P-2P
Rated voltage kV 12
Power frequency withstand voltage kV 28
Lightning impulse withstand voltage kV 75
Rated current    
short-time withstand current
peak withstand current
A kA/s kA up to 3150 (2x1600A)
up to 31,5/3
up to 80
Internal arc withstand current kA/s up to 31,5/1
Rated frequency Hz 50
Degree of protection   IP 4X / IP 41
Dimensions of cubicles    
600 ÷ 750
Internal Arc calssification   AFLR
Partition class   PM
Loss of Service Continuity Classification   LSC2B
Compliance with standards   PN-EN 62271-200; PN-EN 62271-1

Exemplary schematic diagrams

Product card in pdf formatDrawout switchgears D-12-2P series plik .pdf

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