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Indoor switchgear type RT-3 is dedicated to power supplying railway traction. Innovative solutions provide safe and easy operating and enables the switchgears to be installed in maintenance-free 3,3kV DC stations.

General characteristics

RT-3 switchgears are made with metal housing, air insulated, insulated circuit-breaker compartment and equipped with newest switching devices. In default configuration bypass busbar is used. RT-3 switchgear is built of following standardized panels:

  • withdrawable feeder panel, metal-clad, equipped with high-speed circuit-breaker, line test devices on a withdrawable unit,
  • with by-pass bar and disconnector with motor drive, cable terminal compartment and auxiliary circuits compartment,
  • Gamma filter panel, metal-clad, equipped with unipolar disconnector with motor drive, which connects filtering elements with main busbar and overvoltage limiter,
  • Spare circuit-breaker panel is the same as feeder panel but without disconnector on bypass busbar and cable terminals,
  • Sectional disconnector panel, metal-clad, designed to separate main busbar into sections without bypass busbar, equipped with unipolar disconnector with motor drive,
  • Sectional disconnector-rectifier panel, metal-clad, designed to separate main busbar and by-pass bar into left side and right side, equipped with bipolar disconnector with motor drive and two unipolar disconnectors.

Standard version of RT-3 switchgear is equipped in by-pass bar. In the front part of RT-3 switchgear following compartments are placed:

  • circuit-breaker compartment with trolley inside, on which high-speed circuit-breaker and line test equipment (PW) is installed,
  • disconnector compartment (PO) and cable terminal compartment (PPK), where disconnector on bypass busbar is istalled and there is a space for cable terminal,
  • auxiliary circuits compartment (PP).

Withrawable units contains of fixed part and trolley. Between them there are following connections:

  • Sliding to main busbar and cable terminal
  • Sliding to earthing terminal
  • plug to auxiliary circuits.


The most important advantages of RT-3 switchgear are:

  • compact design with air insulation
  • metal-clad separation provides protection against effects of arc
  • system of interlocks preventing from connection errors
  • switching the position of trolley with door closed - locate or remote
  • barriers protecting the fixed contacts
  • newest devices installed
  • easy and safety operating
  • convenient service and maintenance
  • innovative design
  • screw connections provides easy modernization and extension

Very small size of RT-3 switchgear enables to make a savings in investment process (minimalized surface and volume of the substation building). Innovative design provides safety during operation.

Wall-mounted versionWall-mounted versionWall-mounted version

Free-standing versionFree-standing version  Wall-mounted version (wide)Free-standing version (narrow)

The size of circuit-breaker compartment does not change regardless of whether switchgear is wall-mounted or free-standing.

  1. Auxiliary circuits compartment (PP)
  2. Circuit-breaker compartment (PW)
  3. Cable terminals compartment (PPK)
  4. Disconnector on bypass busbar compartment (PO)
  5. Main busbar („+”)
  6. Bypass busbar
  7. Withdrawable unit
    1. Trolley
    2. Drawer
    3. High-speed circuit-breaker
  8. Feeder circuits contacts
  9. Auxiliary circuits compartment door
  10. Circuit-breaker compartment door
  11. Disconnector by-pass
  12. Cable terminal
  13. Busbar (-)
  14. Protective circuit PE

Technical data

Type of the switchgear RT-3
Rated voltage V 3,3 DC
Rated insulation voltage V 4 DC
Power frequency withstand voltage
circuit-breaker and disconnector in „SERVICE” position
circuit-breaker and disconnector in „TEST” position


Rated impulse withstand voltage
circuit-breaker and disconnector in „SERVICE” position
circuit-breaker and disconnector in „TEST” position
contactor of line test


Rated current:   
main busbars
by-pass bar
incoming traction unit
sectional disconnector
up to 4000
up to 2500
up to 2500
up to 4000
Rated short-time withstand current kA/s up to 50/0,25
Rated peak withstand current
main busbars and incoming unit


Degree of protection   IP 4X
Dimensions of cubicles with circuit breaker: IR 6000 UR 26 BWS
width [A]
depth [C]
height [B]
Dimensions of cubicles:   Gamma filter panel Sectional disconnector-rectifier panel
width [A]
depth [C]
height [B]
1500 ÷ 2000
1500 ÷ 2000
1)   indoor
Compliance with standards   PN-EN 50123-1, PN-EN 50123-6, PN-EN 60529
1) Free-standing version
2) Wall-mounted version

Product card in pdf formatDC switchgear type RT-3 plik .pdf

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