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Designed to serve as a mobile or stationary distribution centre or transformer and distribution centre.


When equipped with high quality switchgear assemblies of high short circuit capacity, the substation can be used:

  • in power industry
  • as a main feeding point,
  • as temporary backup for big distribution stations for the time of their overhaul or in case of adding new supply lines,
  • as power output station in wind or water power stations,
  • in strip mining - for installation on self-propelled machines, as mobile transformer and distribution points,
  • in railway systems as transformer stations to supply the railway line equipment.

General characteristics

The enclosure is made of thin walled shapes and zinc or Al-Zn coated sheets (no fasteners like bolts, rivets or heads from the outside). Joints of the part of enclosure are additionally sealed with silicon. All the structural parts of the station are powder painted with polyester coat at least 100 µm thick. The station is assembled from units which widths are determined by the width of the switchgear cubicles installed inside (stations over 16 m long are transported in parts). Side walls can be thermally insulated (possibility of quick removal of a single external cover which is not thermally insulated. We also offer stations equipped with social facilities.

  • The SKP substations can be provided with:
    • equipped with all kinds of electrical power equipment,
    • suitable for placement on vibration constructions by applying vibration damping elastomers,
    • steel pontoons for transportation to eliminate cranes and road transport means.
  • The equipment to facilitate convenient and safe operation:
    • illumination (basic and emergency),
    • ventilation,
    • heating system, with optional temperature control,
    • alarm system,
    • locks type panik in the entrance door,
    • four tough hinges in the door, aesthetic and firm window covers,
    • dry type or oil immersed transformers in a separate area with an environment friendly oil slump,
    • arc resistant medium voltage switchgear assemblies.

Swichgear equipment

  • single unit switchgear up to Ur = 36 kV and Ir = 3150 A type J-7, J-17, J-24 or J-36
  • draw-out switchgear (metal-clad) up to Ur = 40,5 kV and Ir = 4000 A, e.g. D-12P, D-17PL, D-17PT, D-24P, D-40P,
  • low voltage switchgear up to I = 7500 A type NGWR-1,
  • control boards, air conditioned cubicle enclosures 19”,
  • transformers up to 5000 kVA,
  • capacitor units in m.v. switchgear cells,
  • other electrical equipment.

Example of equipment lay-out in the SKP substation (section view A-A)

  1. side wall
  2. 500 V switchgear
  3. 15 kV switchgear
  4. heater
  5. air conditioned controlgear
  6. inverter switchgear
  7. starters
  8. power transformer chamber
  9. capacitor battery
  10. fan

Front wall view of the SKP substation

  1. door frame
  2. door
  3. outline of the pontoon
  4. foundation frame
  5. front cover
  6. roof + bracing


  • provision for installing any kind of equipment inside the substation (if space allows),
  • possibility to make stations from several segments,
  • safety for operation personnel,
  • module design allows for extension, versatility of applications overall dimensions tailored to the need of a user; the only,
  • imitation is transport of the substation and its parts tightness and long life expectancy of the enclosure,
  • thief-proofing system and protection against unauthorized, dismounting the substation from the outside,
  • suitable for installation on vibrating constructions,
  • esthetic design,
  • small area needed for installation,
  • reasonable price comparing to direct and indirect, advantages for the client,
  • short lead time,
  • fast installation on object.

Technical data

Overal dimensions   Standard
Width [A]   lean-to roof 1500, 1700, 1900, 2100
ridge-to roof 2300, 2500, 2700,2900, 3250, 3400,2300, 2500, 2700,2900, 3250, 3400, 3500, 3700, 3900, 4300, 4600
Total width mm A+2x105 (15°) or A+2x55 (10°)
Total heigh [H] H= (P)+C+B+D*
D* - when α=10°  to D = 0,117xA
- when α=15°  to D = 0,134xA
Functional height [B] 2300, 2550, 2650, 3000
Lenght [E] up to 16000
Height of the foundation frame [C] 65, 100, 160, 200, 260, 300, 580
Height of the pontoon [P] 410
Mass of substation with equipment kg up to 28 000
Degree of protection IP 55
Compliance with standards PN-EN 62271-202
The substation are produced in dimension tailored to the client`s requrements

Single segment of SKP station prepared For transportationSKP substation Airport Okęcie WarsawAn SKP station on the pontoon

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