Comprehensive Project Execution in Transmission and Distribution

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ELEKTROBUDOWA SA is experienced in provision of facilities, under general contracting system, for the electric power transmission and distribution segment relating to construction of new and rebuilding or modernization of the existing electrical substations and of cable lines and overhead lines in every voltage level.


We provide comprehensive engineering services for the constructed outdoor or indoor electrical substations and LV, MV, HV overhead lines and cable lines, including auxiliary infrastructure.
Our specialized design office is using the cutting-edge technologies and tools for engineering such projects.

Project management

We have skilled, experienced and competent personnel able to carry out complex and challenging projects. Our professionals have relevant qualification certificates and licences for designing and supervision of construction works and for project management.

Procurement of materials and equipment for turnkey contracts

We arrange complete delivery of materials and equipment for the supplied facilities, using the logistics and purchasing process optimization.  We provide our own products dedicated for Customers in the transmission, switching and distribution of electric power areas, we also co-operate with reputable manufacturers to offer our Customers proven, modern solutions applied worldwide.

Installation and supervision

We are committed to provide multi-trade installation works, using the Company’s large resources and employing proven subcontractors, under constant supervision over the works, including:

  • Overall preparation of external infrastructure area for building new facilities,
  • Execution of complete electric power systems in the range of low, medium and high voltages in new, modernized and overhauled outdoor and indoor substation facilities,
  • Comprehensive execution of turnkey automation, telemechanics, communication and protection systems.

Tests, commissioning, trial run and handover to operation

We provide a whole range of commissioning and start-up services performed by qualified personnel, using professional measuring and diagnostic instruments.

After-sales service

We provide after-sales service for the projects performed by our Company, also under long-term service contracts.

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