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  • power generators leads in power stations, heat & power plants,
  • industrial plants and factories,
  • connections of electrical equipment in high short-circuit systems,
  • group of connections to single-phase transformers in highly polluted and humid environment.

General characteristics

  • reliable and economical power installations for voltages from to 36 kV and rated current to 30 kA,
  • both indoor and outdoor application,
  • natural cooling,
  • degree of protection up to IP 65,
  • design with:
    • pressurized dry air,
    • space heaters,
    • requested support structures incl. GCB platforms.


  • round conductors (Al 99,5) placed on support insulators inside self-supporting enclosure (screen),
  • dismountable connections (rigid and flexible) to auxiliary equipment and apparatus, prefabricated transport elements (up to 12 m) delivered on site used to connect electrical equipment, expansion joints, t-offs etc. creates a complete transmission-distribution line,
  • self-supporting aluminum enclosure.


  • silicone bushing insulators,
  • electrical apparatus enclosed in special housings.


  • modern technology of design, manufacture and erection make it possible to fit the busduct to individual requirements of the Client,
  • self-supporting structure reduces the number of supporting points (decreases the investment cost),
  • enclosure/conductor expansion joints compensate the linear extension forces of busducts,
  • maintenance manholes for access to insulators, bolted connections and apparatus,
  • corrosion resistance,
  • environmental friendly.


  • manufacture and erection of MV ELPE busducts since 1962,
  • generator leads on the biggest power units in Poland and abroad (Kozienice 1000 MW, Opole 2x800 MW)
  • thousands of meters of busduct currently in operation in Poland and abroad,
  • complete generator connections in almost every Polish power station and many abroad (South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia).

Cross-section of IPB-ELPE type with single post insulatorCross-section of IPB-ELPE type with three post insulators

  1. post insulator
  2. conductor
  3. enclosure
  4. manholes

Technical data

Bus type   ELPE
Maximum nominal of rated insulation voltage kV up to 36
Maximum nominal of rated current kA up to 30
Compliance with standards   IEEE C37.23-2015; PN-EN 62271-1: 2018, IEC 62271-1: 2017,
PN-EN 60865-1: 2012, IEC 60865-1: 2011,
PN-EN 60529: 2003, IEC 60529 AMD2: 2013
ELEKTROBUDOWA SA carries out research and development works to improve the isolated-phase bus design.
Product range of ELPE is constantly updated and extended.

Product card in pdf formatBusduct in air insulation type ELPE plik .pdf

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