ELEKTROBUDOWA for the first time at the trade fair in Finland

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News 20 February 2018

ELEKTROBUDOWA participated in the trade fair in Finland

ELEKTROBUDOWA has participated in the Sähkö Tele Valo AV fair in Jyväskylä, Finland.  At the exhibition, which was open from 7th to 9th February, the company exhibited its products, in particular the gas insulated MV switchgear OPTIMA 24, MV switchgear: D-12PL, D-17PL, UNIPANEL and busducts: ELPO and ELPE. Participation in the fair has provided an opportunity for promotion of OPTIMA 145 (indoor gas-insulated high-voltage switchgear) and the single- and double-system switchgear, particularly D-24P  and D-24-2S.

Participating in international trade fairs is an important element of the Company’s strategy for sales development.

Through participation in trade fairs the Company promotes its brand and increases its recognition in the foreign markets which are our export destinations. One of such markets is Finland where ELEKTROBUDOWA is developing cooperation with ACONTEC, its business partner. During the Jyväskylä fair the Company focused on the promotion of D-24P and D-24-2S switchgear. Switchgear with a double-busbar system is a niche product among the local competitors and the Company perceives opportunities to compete fairly in the Finland’s market with this product. 

D-24-2S is a double-system medium voltage air-insulated switchgear solution, dedicated for distribution of electrical energy in alternating current networks of 50Hz frequency and rated voltage up to 36kV. It can be installed in power distribution networks, for secondary distribution, in industrial plants or unmanned substations. Medium voltage switchgear of the D -…-2S series is particularly recommended for main power supply substations, where high reliability of supply is required.

After its successful presence in the Finnish fair, ELEKTROBUDOWA intends to take part in next editions of this event.  The Sähkö Tele Valo AV fair in Jyväskylä is one of the biggest trade exhibitions in Finalnd, with seminars and dozens of info sessions. The fair has been attracting thousands of exhibitors and customers from the electric power industry for 36 years.


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