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News 13 September 2016

Strategy 2016-2018 has been defined as the strategy of building a potential for further growth and strengthening the market position.

Mission and vision

In order to strengthen its position as a leader setting new quality of conducting business, ELEKTROBUDOWA SA ensures:

  • Shareholders - long-term growth of the market value of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA.
  • Business partners - the highest quality products and services, which are to satisfy their business goals.
  • Employees - modern workplaces and development opportunities.

As a transparent organization, we perform each activity with conformance to the principles of corporate governance and social responsibility, caring for the natural environment and striving after highest standards of quality.

As the company specializing in the supply of modern, comprehensive and complete technical solutions for power industry and other industries, we are focused on:

  • Boosting our operational efficiency and reinforcing our position in Poland.

Increasing the Company’s share in the market of complete facilities for the power sector and other industries and strengthening its competitive position in this segment.

Enhancing the share of export in the Company’s revenues and developing its activity in foreign markets.

Responsiveness to the needs and requirements of the stakeholders, and in particular Shareholders, Customers and Employees and being governed by the Company’s key values are the highest priorities for ELEKTROBUDOWA SA in conducting its business activity.

Key strategic goals of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA for the years 2016-2018

  • Strengthening the leading position in the domestic market 
  • Increasing the position in the market of complete facilities for power sector and industry
  • Expanding to foreign markets 
  • Improvement of operational efficiency 
  • Investment in product, competence and organizational development

Strategic goals: 

Financial perspective

  • Orders received over PLN 1bn.
  • Average external sales on the level of ca. PLN 1.1bn annually.
  • Growth in net profitability to 5.0%

Market perspective:

  • Maintaining market share of the existing products and complete power.
  • Increasing the Company’s share in the market of complete facilities for power generating sector and the industrial sector.
  • Scaling up the activity in foreign markets and increasing the share of export activity in the Company’s revenue.

Exports perspective:

  • Growth in orders in the Russian-speaking markets.
  • Growth in orders from the Middle East markets
  • Entering the Southeast Europe markets

Investing perspective:

  • Investments in product development and extension of the production scope by including the devices increasing the standard and quality of products.
  • Development of the organization in the areas of marketing and export service.
  • Preparing the organization for acquisitions targeted at complementation and extension of its offer.

Development perspective:

  • Implementation of modern systems enhancing the quality and efficiency of work and supporting management decisions.
  • Development of employee competences and knowledge.
  • Unification of the developed standards of managing and organization of activity in order to increase efficiency and quality of operation.
  • Implementation of lean management to streamline and optimize the processes.

Internal processes perspective:

  • Building the organization focused on synergy effect, increasing the efficiency and active risk management.
  • Development of the production activity and innovativeness of the offer.
  • Boosting the effectiveness of operating activity.

Employment perspective:

  • Flexible employment policy.
  • Maintaining high productivity of employment.
  • Growth in profitability of employment.

Sustainable development

Sustainable development is an essential element of the strategy of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA. To be a socially responsible company is understood by ELEKTROBUDOWA SA as commitment to taking responsibility for the effects and impact of its decisions and activity on the community and environment. The company is committed to transparent and ethical behaviour, in compliance with the applicable law and professional conduct, which takes expectations of the stakeholders into account, is implemented throughout the company and contributes to sustainable development.

Dividend policy

In the years 2016-2018 the Management Board intends to recommend to the General Meeting that a dividend be paid on the level of at least 30% of the consolidated net profit attributable to the Shareholders of ELEKTROBUDOWA Group.
The Management Board recommendations relating to dividend payment will take into account the current and forecast financial position of the Company, current investment needs and development plans.

The strategy has been prepared basing on the following assumptions:

  • growth of GDP in the range of 3.6-3.8% annually;
  • increase in investment expenditure to the level of 6.6% in 2018;
  • inflation rate ca. 2% p.a.;
  • increase in electricity consumption 1.5% p.a.;
  • a drop in USD exchange rate to the level of 3.57 PLN in 2018;
  • a drop in EUR exchange rate to the level of 4.09 PLN in 2018.
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