Change of forecast this year’s results after 9 months of 2015.

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News 16 November 2015

After the three quarters  of 2015 ELEKTROBUDOWA SA Group noted 932, 4 million PLN of revenues at the consolidated level compared with 756,8 million PLN last year (growth by 23,21%) and 43,6 million PLN of net profit compared with 16,1 million PLN in the previous year or 170, 89% increase.

Because of the spectacular growth of year-on-year, a decision was taken to increase of the financial forecast for 2015.

Forecast so far projected that at the individual level the Company will generate in 2015 1 148,9 billion PLN in revenues, 42,3 million PLN of net profit and receive volume of orders of 944, 8 million PLN .

At the level of the capital group it was assumed that will generate revenues of almost 1 196,9 billion PLN and 45,0 million PLN of net profit.

The new forecast provides growth of net profit compared to the previously published data - at the individual level by 33,10%  to the level of 56,3 million PLN and at the consolidated level by 32,22 % to the level of 59,6 million PLN. The forecasts published earlier, concerned orders and sales, were maintained.

Growth of net profit due to a receiving and partial execution of profitable orders within 2015 which were not assumed in previous forecast of 2015 and execution of some projects with better result than previously expected.

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