Arkadiusz Klimowicz - new Management Board member

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News 23 January 2009

Mr Arkadiusz Klimowicz has been appointed member of the Management Board of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA as from 1 February 2009 by the Company’s Supervisory Board resolution.


  • Between May 1997 and February 2002 President – General Manager of ABB Elta Sp. z o.o.
  • Between May 2000 and March 2002 he was also Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ABB Zwar SA.
  • Between March 2002 and September 2002 Member of the managing Board, Managing director of Distribution Transformers Unit in Alstom T&D S.A., responsible for development of Unit organization and export sales and also implementation of new products into production and launching in domestic market.
  • From 2002 to 2004 President of Alstom T&D S.A. responsible for development of the organization of legal entity and also for the Transformers Business Unit – Unit MD.
  • From December 2004 until 2007 President of AREVA T&D Sp. z o.o. Now he is the Transformers Business Unit MD, having operational responsibility for the Unit.
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