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Notification of transaction 

In connection with the entry into force, from July 3, 2016, of Regulation (EU) No. 596/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council from April 16, 2014 on market abuse (Regulation on market abuse) and repealing Directive 2003/6/ EC of the European Parliament and of the Council and Commission Directives 2003/124/EC, 2003/125/EC and 2004/72/EC, Members of the Management Board and Members of the Supervisory Board as well as persons closely related to them are obliged to notify ELEKTROBUDOWA SA and the Polish Financial Supervision Authority statement about transactions carried out on own account on ELEKTROBUDOWA SA financial instruments.

The notification should be made immediately and no later than 3 business days after the day of the transaction whose one-off value exceeds the equivalent of 5,000.00 EUR or immediately and no later than 3 business days after each subsequent transaction when the total amount of 5,000.00 EUR is reached during one calendar year. The threshold value of the transaction is calculated without offsetting each transaction.

Due to the necessity of fulfilling by ELEKTROBUDOWA SA the information obligation regarding receipt of the notification, intimation directed to the Company should be sent via address not later than within 2 business days after the date of the transaction.

Notification procedure

Notification obligation under Art. 19 of MAR Regulation should be completed through:

  1. electronic form to the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, which is located on the website or in case of failure of the electronic system or occurrence of events that prevent the notification via the ICT system, scan of the notification form to the e-mail address: .
  2. e-mail address: to ELEKTROBUDOWA SA in the form of a scan of the notification form.

A closely related person means:

  1. spouse;
  2. dependent child in accordance with national law;
  3. a family member who, at the date of the transaction, remains in the same household for at least a year; or
  4. a legal person, group of companies or a partnership in which managerial duties are performed by a member of the Management Board or Supervisory Board of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA or a person referred to in point a), b) or c), over which such a person has direct or indirect control, which was created to benefit such a person or whose economic interests largely coincide with those of that person.
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