Our values

Our ethical organizational culture is based on the values which establish the framework for the desired behavior, which we are committed to comply with inside the company (such as the attitudes towards the co-workers and the use of the company’s resources) and in our relations with the external environment.

Accountability and integrity

We meet our commitments. We do not make promises we are not able to fulfil. Our activity is based on compliance with law, respecting the rules of social coexistence and good conduct prevailing in the countries where the company conducts its business operations. We comply with the standards of ethics and do not derive personal gain at the cost of other people or the company. Integrity, professional competence and care for the interest of the Company are the features on which our reputation is based.


We comply with the corporate governance rules and are committed to constructive, open and transparent dialogue with business partners. We endeavour to provide our stakeholders with true, fair and complete information in a timely manner. We do not allow deliberate distortion of facts, intentions or opinions and thus deliberate misleading.


We are endeavouring to be an expert in our field of business through developing our competences and knowledge, and by finding technical and organizational solutions. We believe that ensuring the highest quality of our products and services is of key importance for our success and contributes to the growth of confidence between the company and its stakeholders. Every effort is made to assure that the management mechanisms maintain their highest level, and we assume the responsibility for the consequences of our decisions and actions

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