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Sustainable and responsible development is one of the most important elements in the strategy of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA. Therefore the responsibility for coordination of all activities in this area rests on one of the member s of the Management Board. Our approach is focused on building enduring, positive relations with customers and all other parties interested in our activity, accounting for environmental aspects, labour policy issues, social commitment and transparency of operating in the business environment.

Our environmental strategy is focused on  preventing environment pollution through application of up-to-date, environment friendly technologies, rational waste management, control of emissions and industrial effluents, and limiting the consumption of natural resources. We have identified essential areas of our direct and indirect environmental impacts, what helps us undertake effective actions to limit the scale of our influence on biodiversity at the sites we carry out our business activities, and to reduce the consumption of resources, water, fuels and energy. In our facilities we apply the best available technologies which enable maintaining cleanliness in the production, that is regular reduction of pollution, reducing the consumption of raw materials, electricity and water, treatment of sewage and prevention of failures. We are constantly implementing new technologies and procedures which increase cleanliness of the production and are investing in improving the quality of our products, as we wish their operation had the least possible negative impact on the environment.

In implementation of the labour policy, we are directed by standards provided in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We counteract any forms of discrimination in respect of employment and kind of performed work. We recognize the employees’ right of association and the right to collective bargaining. We collaborate with society partners, undertake preventive actions in the sphere of occupational health and safety, counteract loss of employment, establish honest principles of remuneration and offer benefits in excess of privileges prescribed by law. We also apply relevant procedures of investigating complaints and grievances and disciplinary procedures.

We are concerned about the involvement of our stakeholders and the cooperation with local communities. We make every endeavour to rely on policy of open communication with local communities in respect of public consultations relating to our business operations, and to immediately inform the communities about potential hazards.



With transparency of our operating activity in mind, we inform our shareholders about our business operations and the company’s economic and financial standing on a current basis.

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