Environmental protection

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We are committed to focus on protection of the environment in which we operate.

Our approach is manifested through application of solutions and actions based on the certified environmental management system according to PN-EN ISO 14001, which fulfil the requirements of national and European law provisions, and quite often are more stringent. Every year the Company drafts the Environmental Management Programme, which defines objectives and targets which are to contribute to mitigation of adverse impact on the environment.

Before the performance of a new project is commenced, we identify the so-called environmental aspects, which include elements of activity of the organisation, goods or services that may interact with the environment, such as noise, emissions to the atmosphere, waste produced, energy consumption, and their impact on the environment. They are assessed and recorded, and we aim at such process control which would ensure elimination or mitigation of their negative influence.

In our facilities we apply the best available technologies which enable maintaining cleanliness in the production, that is regular reduction of pollution, reducing the consumption of raw materials, electricity and water, treatment of sewage and prevention of failures.

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