Code of Ethical Conduct in ELEKTROBUDOWA SA

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In ELEKTROBUDOWA SA we acknowledge that acting in conformity with universally applicable principles, especially ethical standards, is an undisputable foundation for conducting business activity and an element which builds mutual trust in business relations.

Since 31May 2017, a new edition of Code of Ethical Coduct has been applicable in ELEKTROBUDOWA SA, which provides a set of guidelines on which behaviour is accepted in our company and which is deemed improper.

The description of desired behaviour has been provided in two blocks:

  • Our committments - relations inside the company, and
  • Our committments - external business environment

The first block raises such issues as: cooperation among the employees, the diversity policy, occupational health and safety, care for the company property and image, data protection and information safety, preventing conflicts of interest and accepting and offering any material benefits.

The second block is focused on issues concerning the relations with: customers, competitors, suppliers, subcontractors and shareholders, and also the issues relating to protection of the natural environment.

All employees of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA, being aware of the community that we create in our workplace and of the consequent rights and duties, are obliged to get acquainted with the provisions of the Code and to follow them in their everyday activity.

The guidelines of the Code are binding and should be followed, essentially, under all circumstances. On the other hand, we understand that the Code cannot replace common sense and balanced judgement, for it not possible to foresee all and any situations likely to occur in the work environment of each of us, also situations which are “ethically difficult”. In such cases we encourage you to think over carefully any actions and decisions which might possibly be taken and to assess their probable consequences.

We are all responsible for observing the rules set out in the Code of Ethical Conduct and we take actions to prevent their violation.

Reporting, in good faith, the incidents of violating the established rules allows to implement preventive measures in good time, and to mitigate any adverse consequences of such violation that might arise.

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