Performed by ELEKTROBUDOWA SA, extension of the existing 110kV GIS switchgear with the bays from another manufacturer

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Establishment of the state-own enterprise PME „Elektrobudowa”

1 January 1953 - the date of establishing the state-owned enterprise under the name: Power Station Erection Enterprise “Elektrobudowa”. The headquarters of PME “Elektrobudowa” had its first location at 20, Sokolska Street, Katowice.

Przedsiębiorstwo Montażu Elektrowni
Power Station Erection Enterprise “Elektrobudowa”


The first modern production bay

In 1955 „Elektrobudowa” received for its disposal a 2 ha plot at 2, Kolejowa Street, Mikołów. At the plot, the Building Works Group established in „Elektrobudowa" began the erection of facilities of the Auxiliary Production Workshop. The first, modern at the time, 2,300 m² production bay was built in 1955 - 1956 and, equipped with new machines and facilities, commissioned on 22 July 1956.

Prefabrication of auxiliary circuits of type “R60”switchgear in ZPP Mikołów
Administrative and welfare building in the Industrial Production Plant (ZPP), Mikołów.

The first product catalogues

22 July 1955 was the date of the first Auxiliary Product Catalogue issued by “Elektrobudowa”, later updated every few years.

Pierwsze katalogi produktowe


The first newspaper advertisement

The first advertisment of “Elektrobudowa” was placed in the magazines published by the trade press publisher, Wydawnictwo Czasopism Technicznych NOT.

Development and implementation of screened busduct

Following the implementation of 125MW and 200MW power units in the national power system, in 1958-1960 the engineers in Mikołów developed and implemented the technology of manufacture of screened busduct used as generator output connection to step-up transformers, combined with tapped transformers.

Step-up transformer with the screened busduct
Sections of Mikołów generator busduct in „Łódź” heat and power plant


Establishing the Basic Vocational School at PME „Elektrobudowa”

Marian MAGDZIAK was its first headmaster.

Workshop of the Vocational School in Mikołów.

Starting the production of a miniature auxiliary relay

A miniature auxiliary interposing relay, alternating or direct voltage operated, was designed and implemented by “Elektrobudowa”. Owing to its production, in 1960s “Elektrobudowa” could offer a comprehensive relay-based control systems:

  • sequence control relay unit („PUSS”);
  • selective control relay unit („PUSW”);
  • disturbance signalling relay unit („PUSZ”);
  • relay-based cross-connection device („PUK”).
Miniature auxiliary interposing relays of „PU-3” series (without a cover)


Putting a new production building in Mikołów in operation

Following the decision taken in 1966 to build a production hall dedicated for screened busduct, in 1973 a new busduct production bay was put to operation.


Start of construction of the first production building in Gosławice (Konin)

A decision to build production halls in Konin was taken in 1973, and in the beginning of 1974 it was put into practice. In spring there was a groundbreaking ceremony: at that time the company planned to build further three industrial halls and an office and welfare building. By the end of the 1970s the Industrial Production and Erection Plant “Konin-Gosławice” had 425 employees and was still being extended, until 1981. The factory manufactured low voltage switchgear type “MS”.


Starting the production of type WRD - 20 switchgear

In the Konin factory a decision was taken to start the production of the first draw-out switchgear for the voltage 17.5kV and 24kV. It was type WRD-20 switchgear.


Starting the production of type D-20 switchgear

In 1986, more modern, arc-proof D-20 switchgear was launched. The switchgear had been the standard equipment of the power distribution companies.


PREMEG - II and D-10 switchgear designed and launched to production

n 1988-1989 ELEKTROBUDOWA’s constructors designed, made certified and introduced to production the draw-out, arc-proof 12kV switchgear assemblies for rated current 3000A, dedicated for power plants. They were PREMEG - II and D-10

Design of type PREM-14S and type PREM-G1 switchgear

The team of constructors in Mikołów designed arc-proof switchgear assemblies of PREM series, their parameters fulfilled the requirements for installation in 200MW power units and for the industrial use. Also in Mikołów factory, a successful switchgear assembly was developed - type PREM-14S, and later PREM-G1 dedicated for operation in underground hard coal mines and copper mines.


Transformation of the state-owned enterprise into a joint stock company

On 9 January 1992 the first stage of the process of privatization through transformation into a joint-stock company wholly owned by the Treasury was completed. Therefore the Company changed its legal form to “ELEKTROBUDOWA” Spółka Akcyjna (Joint-Stock Company).


“ELEKTROBUDOWA S.A.” at the Hanover Industrial Fair

In 20-27 April 1994 “ELEKTROBUDOWA” S.A. was an exhibitor at the Hanover Industrial Fair for the first time.


Initial Public Offering of series A and B shares of “ELEKTROBUDOWA” S.A.

By the decision of 13 October 1995, the Securities and Exchange Commission approved the initial public offering of 4,498,750 shares of “ELEKTROBUDOWA” S.A. (total of series “A” and series “B”). Selling of the shares of both series at the price of 9 zloty per share started on 27 November 1995 and lasted until 15 December 1995.


Debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange

On 17 January 1996 the Exchange Board admitted the shares of “Elektrobudowa” to trading in the primary market. The first listing took place on 9 February 1996 with the debut price 23 zlotys 10 groszy.

Przyjęte hasło: „Bez oporów i spięć - na giełdę!” okazało się niezwykle trafne!

„ELEKTROBUDOWA” S.A. w rankingu najlepszych firm w 1996 r.

„ELEKTROBUDOWA” S.A. has been awarded “Golden Laurel” in the ranking of the best companies 1996 organized by the Polish business publication „Gazeta Bankowa”


“ELEKTROBUDOWA” S.A. with EN ISO 9001 certificate

On 28 January 1997 „TÜV”, a recognized European certification body located in Essen, granted „ELEKTROBUDOWA” S.A. the certificate EN ISO 9001, confirming that the Company “has implemented and applies the quality assurance system in the scope of: designing, manufacture and installation of power equipment and systems”.


“ELEKTROBUDOWA” S.A. moves to new headquarters

In 1997 the Company bought a 12,000 square metre plot with a three-storey building, with a basement (former workers’ hostel owned by “Ferrum” Steel Mill). After its modernization and adaptations, in July 1998 “ELEKTROBUDOWA” S.A. moved to its new headquarters at 12, Porcelanowa Street, Katowice.


ELEKTROBUDOWA SA presents the first Polish made remotely controlled medium voltage switchgear type “D-17-2S”

In June 2000 in the Power Distribution Company in Cracow ELEKTROBUDOWA SA presented the first Polish remotely controlled medium voltage switchgear type “D-17-2S”.

A success of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA -production of the air insulated medium voltage switchgear launched

Certification of double level medium voltage arc-proof switchgear type D-12-2P. The innovative solution of mounting the circuit breakers and contactors on two levels made it the smallest ever air-insulated MV switchgear of this class.

Change of the Company name

On 28 June 2000 the spelling of the company name was changed from “ELEKTROBUDOWA” S.A. to ELEKTROBUDOWA SA


Production of switchgear moved to Konin

In mid-2001 the Management decided to concentrate the production of switchgear in one location only. Because of its central location the factory in Konin was chosen as the manufacturing plant of switchgear, while the factory in Mikołów would be specializing in the production of busducts.


ELEKTROBUDOWA SA modernizes the back-up production facilities and the office building in Konin

In April 2002 the office building and the production halls in Konin underwent modernization.

The office building of the Production Plant in Konin - 1970s. The new building.

Another „TÜV” certificate for ELEKTROBUDOWA SA

In June 2002 the Company obtained a TÜV certificate - concerning the environmental management system applied by the Company in designing, production and installation of power equipment and systems.


Establishing the limited liability company KRUELTA Ltd. in Russia and taking up a stake equal to 51% of its registered capital

On 24 March 2003, in St Petersburgh, ELEKTROBUDOWA SA and “Tavrida ELECTRIC” decided upon setting up a company called „KRUELTA” in this city, with the purpose of selling - through technical and marketing centres (TKC) of “Tavrida” - medium voltage switchgear panels type “D” and other products of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA in Russia and the countries created from the former Soviet republics.

Formation of KONIP Sp. z o.o. in Katowice and taking up a 100% of its shares

At the end of 2003 (19 December 2003) a spin-off, limited liability company “KONIP” was formed in Katowice , with a 100% stake held by ELEKTROBUDOWA SA. Objects of the new company include administering of real property, organizing and managing renovations of the existing facilities and building new ones, and also purchasing machines and equipment for the needs of the parent company.

Another switchgear manufactured by ELEKTROBUDOWA SA receives an award

2003 - the main prize and “Gold Cup” for the low voltage switchgear type “RNM-2” awarded at the National Exhibition of Companies - Producers for the Polish Railway Company.


Series C share issue by ELEKTROBUDOWA SA (management incentive plan)

In May 2004 the Management Board of the Company increased the share capital by way of a public issue of new shares of series C with the exclusion of pre-emptive right. The act of capital increase had the form of a notarial deed.

Series C shares were issued in the procedure of contingent increase of share capital. Public offering of series C shares was addressed to key executives of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA who took hold of shares with the priority right to take hold of series C shares. ELEKTROBUDOWA issued 249,096 of registered, simple, passive bonds, with par value of 1 grosz (0.01 PLN). Each bond entitled its holder to subscribe for one share of series C, with priority over the Company’s shareholders.

Right to take hold of the shares was granted to persons whose names were indicated in the resolution no. 2/2005 of the Extraordinary General Meeting of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA dated 8 February 2005, within the incentive plan targeted to the Company’s key managers.

The issue prospectus for series C shares was approved by the decision no. DIF/E/4110/40/50/2005 of the Polish Securities and Exchange Commission of 31 May 2005.

The issue price of series C shares was set at 21.10 PLN.

Public offering of series C shares of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA took place in 2005. In result, 249,096 ordinary bearer shares, with par value of 2.0 PLN per share, were issued.

ELEKTROBUDOWA SA - a “Trustworthy Company”

On 17 November 2004 ELEKTROBUDOWA SA received a title of „Trustworthy Company” together with other ten companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The awards were handed by then Prime Minister Marek Belka in the main quotation hall of the WSE.


Series D share issue by ELEKTROBUDOWA SA

Public offering of series D shares in ELEKTROBUDOWA SA took place at the end of 2007 and beginning of 2008. The issue comprised 527,512 ordinary bearer shares with a pre-emptive right, with par value of 2.0 PLN per share.

The shares were issued by way of closed subscription in a public offering, with the existing shareholders’ pre-emptive right retained.

Series D shares were issued on the grounds of Resolution No. 1 passed by the Extraordinary General Meeting of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA of 18 September 2007 on the increase of the share capital by way of public issue of series D shares with pre-emptive right for the existing shareholders, on dematerialization and seeking admission to trading on a regulated market of series D shares, pre-emptive rights to series D shares and rights to shares of series D and on amendments to the Articles.

The issue prospectus was approved by Decision No. DEM/410/215/14/07 of the Financial Supervision Committee dated 5 December 2007.


Purchase of a 49% stake in the share capital of VECTOR Ltd., Russia

On 21 March 2008 in Moscow there was a formal ceremony of signing the founding documents of “Vector”. Principal business activity of VECTOR Ltd. comprises manufacturing of electrical components, parts for electrical vacuum devices, and also providing construction works and wholesale of electrical production facilities, including communication devices.

Establishment of SAUDI ELEKTROBUDOWA LLC in Saudi Arabia with a 33% stake held by ELEKTROBUDOWA SA

In May 2008, the company “SAUDI ELEKTROBUDOWA” LLC based in in Riyadh, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was incorporated. ELEKTROBUDOWA SA holds a 33% stake in the company. The company is to offer goods and services of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA in the Arabian markets.


Modernization of the factory in Votkinsk

In 2009, final building works were continued at the site of modernized facilities of the medium voltage switchgear factory.

A merger of PUE „Energotest-Energopomiar” Sp. z o.o. with Południowy Zakład Automatyki i Zabezpieczeń „Energoefekt” Sp. z o.o. into Energotest sp. z o.o.

After a successful acquisition of the companies: taking up a 100% stake in the share capital of ENERGOEFEKT Sp. z o.o. and ENERGOTEST - ENERGOPOMIAR Sp. z o.o., on 18 August 2009 “Energotest - Energopomiar”, Gliwice and “Energoefekt”, Ruda Śląska were combined. ”Energotest - Energopomiar” Gliwice was an acquirer. ELEKTROBUDOWA SA had a 100% stake in the share capital of “Energoefekt”.


Establishment of ELEKTROBUDOWA Ukraine Ltd. in Ukraine

On 31 May 2010 a new entity named “ELEKTROBUDOWA UKRAINE” Ltd. with a registered office in Sevastopol, with a 62% stake held by ELEKTROBUDOWA, was incorporated. The objects of the company comprise manufacture, installation, maintenance and operation of switchgear and controlgear, manufacture of other electrical equipment, and electrical installation services in Ukraine.

ELEKTROBUDOWA SA becomes a member of the Global Compact initiative

United Nations Global Compact is the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative. Since it was launched by then UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan in 2000, it has been joined by over 13 500 members from 170 countries.


Completion of the investment and commissioning of a modern Busduct Factory in Tychy

Following a recent dynamic growth in exports of busducts manufactured in the Busduct Factory in Mikołów, in 2009 the Management Board of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA decided to build new manufacturing and office facilities for this Factory in a new location in Tychy. On 19 May 2011 there was a grand opening of the new Busduct Factory in Tychy, which occupies the area of ca. 8000 square metres.


Launching OPTIMA, a prototype of Polish-made high voltage gas-insulated switchgear (GIS)

In the „ENERGETAB 2011” fair the Company presented a prototype of Polish-made SF6-insulated switchgear manufactured in Konin and announced its series production. The switchgear is one of the most technologically advanced electric power equipment. The switchgear has been given the name „OPTIMA 145” (145kV rated voltage). It is indoor, compartmented switchgear in cast-aluminum enclosure, insulated by SF6 gas, including a circuit breaker (with a self-compression chamber) and a single or double busbar system.

At the stand in Bielsko-Biała „OPTIMA 145”switchgear


ELEKTROBUDOWA SA boosts its competences and expands to new markets

ELEKTROBUDOWA SA is enlarging its competences by including construction of extra high voltage substations and systems.

An award for double system medium voltage switchgear type D-12-2S

In the „ENERGETAB 2012” fair held in September the double system medium voltage switchgear type D-12-2S from Konin received Gold Medal award. Total number of medium voltage switchgear panels manufactured so far has neared the imposing volume: 45000, of which more than 33 000 arc-protected panels, what places ELEKTROBUDOWA SA among a few largest manufacturers of medium voltage switchgear in Europe.


Liquidation of Kruelta Ltd.

The limited liability company KRUELTA having its registered office in Sankt Petersburg, Russia was removed from the State Register of Legal Entities as of 8 August 2013. Removal of the company from the Register completed the liquidation procedure started in 2012.


ELEKTROBUDOWA SA becomes a signatory of the Diversity Charter

In 2015 ELEKTROBUDOWA SA became is a signatory of the Diversity Charter, an international initiative launched in 17 member states of the European Union. By signing this obligation declare to introduce the prohibition on discrimination in the workplace and decide to undertake measures to create and promote diversity.


Opening a new production and service plant in Modła

Following its development strategy, the Management Board of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA decided to open a new production and service plant in Modła.

The biggest ever contract performed by ELEKTROBUDOWA SA successfully completed

In June 2016, after 36 months since commencement, ELEKTROBUDOWA SA timely completed the construction of a heat generation unit BC-50, electrical capacity 58.3MWe and thermal capacity 86MWt. The turnkey contract was performed in the design and build system, with ELEKTROBUDOWA SA as General Contractor of the whole project. The new, coal-fired, fully automated and environment-friendly cogeneration source is located in Tychy and is Poland’s most modern, highly efficient combined heat and power plant, operated by TAURON Ciepło Sp. z o.o.

ELEKTROBUDOWA SA presents its new strategy for 2016-2018

In 2016, long-term goals for ELEKTROBUDOWA SA were established in the new Strategy 2016-2018. It has been defined as the strategy of building a potential for further growth and strengthening the market position. In pursuit of strategic objectives formulated in the document, relevant actions are taken which bring the Company closer to attainment of the goals.

„The most responsible role belongs to those who take on a burden of FORECASTING and RESPONSIBILITY FOR ACCOMPLISHMENT OF THESE FORECASTS”

A debut of double section MV switchgear OPTIMA - 24

The first in the history of the Company installation of its MV switchgear OPTIMA - 24 consisting of two sections in the HV/MV main substation Śmiłowo built by ELEKTROBUDOWA SA.


Liquidation of KONIP Sp. z o.o.

After 13 years of activity of Konip sp. z o.o., the Management Board of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA decided to wind up the company and commence its liquidation. On 9 February 2017 the District Court Katowice-Wschód, 8th Business Department deregistered KONIP Sp. z o.o. in Liquidation from the National Court Register.  

The decision to wind up KONIP Sp. z o.o. was an element of the restructuring aimed at streamlining and simplification of the structure of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA Group. The scope of activity of KONIP together with its competences and human resources have been incorporated to the structures of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA.

The Minister of Energy Cup for OPTIMA - 24

At the jubilee 30th International Power Industry Fair ENERGETAB 2017, held on 12-14 September 2017 in Bielsko-Biała, ELEKTROBUDOWA SA was awarded the Ministry of Energy Cup for the product: medium voltage switchgear OPTIMA-24. The Cup was awarded in the competition held by the fair organizer, to which 58 products were submitted this year.

OPTIMA - 24 has been constructed and is manufactured in the Production Plant in Konin.

Performed by ELEKTROBUDOWA SA, Poland's first extension of the existing 110kV GIS switchgear with the bays from another manufacturer

ELEKTROBUDOWA SA has designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned two functional bays of the domestic GIS to extend the existing 110kV switchgear, providing full compatibility and functionality of operation.

The extension of the 110kV GIS by adding new bays is the first application of this type in Poland. To the existing, more than 20-year-old switch bays produced by another manufacturer, the new, considerably different switch bays from ELEKTROBUDOWA SA were connected. The successful connection of the functional bays with different standards of busbars in respect of dimensions of gas compartments, busbar gauge, pressure in the gas compartments, etc. was possible owing to the genuine commitment and  considerable experience of the designers, the production and installation personnel and an innovative approach to the task.

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