What makes us different

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  • tradition - we have been in the power market for over 60 years
  • development opportunities - we provide training and finance graduate studies and professional qualifications exams, we set clear career paths
  • interesting projects - we provide an opportunity to acquire comprehensive professional experience
  • family atmosphere - we unite generations and perceive the needs of our employees attractive working conditions - stable employment, private medical care, MultiSport card

How we are building our relations in ELEKTROBUDOWA SA

In ELEKTROBUDOWA SA we are endeavoring to create such working environment where every current or potential employee feels respected and appreciated. Friendly, co-operative atmosphere provides possibility to discover and develop the potential of our staff.

Candidate relationship

Since February 2015 ELEKTROBUDOWA SA has been a member of the Coalition for Friendly Recruitment, tasked to promote best practice in recruitment and to establish relevant standards, taking into consideration the concern for relations with candidates and their impressions from the recruitment process (Candidate Experience).

We make every effort to follow the rules set out in the Code of Best Practice for Recruitment:

  • We communicate with the candidates - the candidates are provided with feedback on their applications
  • We are open to contacts with candidates - everybody can send us their inquiries
  • We are reliable, professional and involved in the relations with a candidate - we conscientiously prepare for a contact with a candidate as we perceive him as a chance for the company, not yet another petitioner
  • We are fostering good flow of information inside the company - we are concerned about smooth transfer of information about recruitment and candidates to line managers and back
  • We make sure that a candidate has an easy access to all necessary information about the recruitment process - all relevant information relating to recruitment process is published on our webpage, in the Career tab and in other materials concerning the work in our company. We provide step by step description of the process, present benefits to which the employees are eligible, and we provide guidance as to preparation for the participation in recruitment, both in respect of application documents and an interview
  • We ascertain that job offers are clearly presented - when we develop a job offer, we include specific information about the position it refers to. We describe core tasks and requirements which the candidates have to fulfil
  • We care for confidentiality and safety of candidates’ data - we use technologies and processes that ensure maximum protection of personal data of the candidates
  • We are enhancing our competence in managing the recruitment processes and we share our knowledge of the related best practices - we are tracking relevant information, we take part in discussions, meetings, conferences, and we are also collecting examples of interesting solutions which can be implemented by companies. We are promoting the rules of friendly recruitment throughout the company and in the recruiters’ community
  • We respect the candidates - we put particular attention to avoiding any discriminating contents or behaviour during the recruitment process and appreciate the candidates’ time commitment

Employee relations

  • ELEKTROBUDOWA SA ensures decent, safe working conditions for its employees.
  • We ensure equal treatment of all employees, so irrespective of their sex, age, disability, race, religion, nationality, political opinion, trade union membership, ethnic origin, belief, sexual orientation and also employment for the specified or unspecified time or in full or part time they are treated with due respect for their individual dignity and personal interests and in employment and its termination, terms of employment, promotion and access to occupational training developing their skills.
  • We respect the employees right to establish and join trade unions in accordance with applicable law.
  • We guarantee the right to equal pay for equal work or work of equal value for our employees.
  • The Company continues to invest in development of skills of its personnel and upgrading their qualifications.

In ELEKTROBUDOWA SA we do not tolerate any manifestation of discrimination or harassment in the workplace.

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